Get Ready for Next Season with Wi-Fi 6 AP-Compatible Antennas, Enclosures, and Mounts

Get Ready for Next Season with Wi-Fi 6 AP-Compatible Antennas, Enclosures, and Mounts

Dennis Burrell, Ventev Product Manager 

January 2020  

Stadium deployments face multiple challenges to achieving high performance network connectivity. Ventev’s innovative Wi-Fi 6-compatible wireless infrastructure can ensure optimum coverage and capacity in these high-density environments  

Ventev is a leading provider of wireless infrastructure products that power, protect and improve the performance of wireless access points. We have launched several new products to support the latest AP releases and help you be ready for next season.  

Wi-Fi 6Compatible Antennas to Improve Performance  

Choose from hundreds of directional and omnidirectional, as well as popular “aesthetically pleasing smaller form factor or concealed antennas that are compatible with current WiFi 6 APs in the marketplace. Ventev has a reputation for engineering antennas that perform equal to, or in many cases better than other antennas in the marketplace because of our rigorous specification testing 

Recently launched Ventev antennas: 

 2.4/5GHz 6 dBi Dual-Polarized Directional Wi-Fi Antenna with 8 RPSMA Plugs 

Tessco No. 299050  

This antenna supports all 8-port Wi-Fi 6 Access Points with RPSMA connectors. The narrow beamwidths (65°/ 60° horizontal and 65°/ 55° vertical) are ideal for high density deployments. It ships with a 10-inch articulating Strong Arm Mount and mounting hardware to support mast and/or wall mounting. 

 4.9 – 5.9 GHz 7dBi Pico Patch 2 Antenna  

RPTNC Connectors – Tessco No. 292960, RPSMA Connectors – Tessco No. 273287 

Ventev’s Pico Patch 2 Antenna delivers outstanding Wi-Fi performance in a tiny package. It measures just 3.5” x 2” x .8”, making it ideal for space constrained environments or environments that place a premium on aesthetics. 

 Other Popular WiFi 6 AP-Compatible Antennas: 

  • 2.4/5GHz 6dBi 4” Omni Wi-Fi Antenna – SKU 220851 (RPSMA); SKU 269258 (RPTNC) 
  • 2.4/5GHz 6dBi Micro Patch Antenna with 4 Connectors - SKU251676 (RPSMA); SKU 524086 (RPTNC) 
  • 2.4/5GHz 8.5 dBi Directional Wi-Fi Patch Antenna- SKU 295023 (RPSMA)
  • 2.4/5GHz 4-Port Wi-Fi Junction Box Antenna– SKU 523995 (RPSMA); SKU 585813 (RPTNC) 
  • Antenna equivalents for the Cisco 2566D4M and the 2566P4W- SKU 279467 (RPTNC); SKU 503910 (RPTNC)

 Indoor Enclosures Protect Access Points, Ease Installation, and Improve Aesthetics 

Ventev’s ceiling tile enclosures and brackets ensure quick installations and reliable, aesthetically pleasing Wi-Fi 

Wi-Fi Ceiling Enclosures with Interchangeable Door for Cisco 9100 series and Aruba 535, 555 access points 

The CTENs for Cisco 9100 series access points provides an inconspicuous solution to deploying indoor access points into a suspended ceiling tile grid. When upgrading your network or migrating to a new AP, the enclosure allows for a simple and economic transition by replacing only the door.  

 Universal Flush Mount Enclosure for Cisco, Aruba and other access points 

Tessco No. 219135 

The Universal Flush Mount Enclosure deploys a Cisco, Aruba or other AP in a drywall ceiling that blends with the ceiling for an aesthetically pleasing solution. It allows the AP to be serviced without removing the enclosure from the ceiling. 

Ceiling Tile Bracket for Cisco 9100 series and Aruba 535, 55 access points 

The Ceiling Tile Bracket is a simple solution for mounting access points in tile ceilings in offices, training rooms and stadium suites. The bracket secures the access point on the tile and frames the front of the AP for an aesthetically pleasing finish that blends with the environment.  

Wi-Fi 6 AP-Compatible NEMA-Rated Enclosures  

Check out Ventev’s unique outdoor enclosures that house APs and antennas and provide Wi-Fi coverage and capacity to users in stadiums, downtown city centers, and enterprise and university campuses: 

  • Outdoor Wireless Bollards 
  • Under the Seat Enclosures
  • Handrail Enclosures 

 Choose the “Search by Radio” function on Ventev’s home page to find the latest Wi-Fi 6 AP-compatible infrastructure products.