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Industry-Leading Solutions for the Unique Challenges of Fixed Wireless Internet Services Providers

Fixed wireless internet service providers (WISPs) are the fastest-growing sector of the broadband industry, characterized by cost-effective deployments, rapid technology innovation, and continuously evolving transmission models. WISPs offer a relatively inexpensive (as opposed to laying new cable) way for individual entrepreneurs, municipalities, co-ops or other organizations to build better Internet service for their communities. Often serving the hardest to reach, unserved rural areas, as well as bringing affordable alternatives to underserved urban customers, WISPs work hard to close the digital divide. Often mounting access points to elevate points in the region to provide backhaul capabilities, WISPs have a unique set of challenges that Ventev provides solutions for.

The terrain, weather, business objectives, and crime can make it difficult to deploy an effective network. However, Ventev works hard to understand the challenges and requirements of providing a robust network for WISP customers. Ventev offers industry-leading solutions to power, protect, and connect wireless networks in outdoor environments, whether it’s power and connectivity or aesthetics and security.

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Industry-leading Solutions for Challenges


Deploying outdoors can be expensive and time-consuming

Understanding all the requirements of deploying outdoors can be challenging. From the terrain and weather to crime and aesthetics, network engineers must consider a multitude of accessories to ensure that the network is operational, efficient, and protected.

With antennas that work with all major access points and radio manufacturers, as well as pre-configured NEMA enclosures, Ventev outdoor solutions are designed to simplify network deployments and reduce operational costs.

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Restaurants across the U.S. have modified their business operations to keep their diners and employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to taking indoor precautions, an 800-store fast food chain based in Texas also wanted to extend their Wi-Fi networks outside to their parking lots to ensure customers could connect to the Wi-Fi while in their cars for ordering and entertainment.

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Powering Outdoor Networks

Deploying a network can be very challenging if power is intermittent or not accessible - rural environments, areas where power is intermittent, or areas susceptible to natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires. Outdoor network continuity requires a solid power infrastructure to be successful.

Ventev's power solutions can provide mains and backup power in any environment. Our turnkey, radio/switch agnostic solutions make it easy to extend the network outside in almost any environment.

Micro Solar System for IoT Applications

Ventev’s Micro Solar System kit is a complete, fully-integrated enclosure system that is pre-wired and pre-assembled for on-site installation of outdoor access points requiring PoE/PoE+ power.

Power Extender with Multi-Port PoE+ for Light Poles with Intermittent Power 120/240VAC

Ventev’s Power Extender enables continuous operation of access points, wireless surveillance cameras and other PoE devices installed on light poles with intermittent AC power supply.

Outdoor 120V AC / 48V DC UPS Power System

Ventev’s 120V AC / 48V UPS Power System is designed to power and protect wireless equipment used in surveillance applications, and to power any electronics, including APs, that require 48V DC power.

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Ventev’s Multi-Port Power Extender enables continuous operation of Wi-Fi access points (APs), wireless surveillance cameras, or other PoE+ devices that are installed on light poles with intermittent AC power.

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Protecting Network Equipment Outdoors

From stadium parking lots to remote desert mining sites, wireless networking equipment is present in every environment. The environmental and human toll that this equipment takes can be challenging for network engineers.

Ventev has developed enclosure solutions to help manage this challenge. Ventev's NEMA-rated heated and cooled enclosure solutions protect against extreme heat and cold, while Ventev's C1D1-rated enclosures allow users to deploy networks in hazardous environments safely.

14 x 12 x 6” NEMA 4X, Heated and Cooled, Single Line PoE+ Enclosure for Cisco 9130AXE

Ventev’s PoE Powered Heated and Cooled Enclosure System is a plug-and-play solution engineered to enable the use of Cisco indoor 9130AXE AP in any outdoor harsh environments and industrial applications.

14x12x6” NEMA Enclosure with Solid Door, Latch Locks with an 8-Pin DART Connector Pass-Through for Cisco 9130AXE

Ventev’s 14” x 12” x 6” NEMA Enclosure is engineered for quick and easy deployment of Cisco DART access points. High impact polycarbonate enclosure provides superior NEMA 4X/IP66 protection from harsh environments, impact and tampering.

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Ventev Custom-Engineers an Enclosure System for Utilities Gas Exploration Project

The utility company was very satisfied with Ventev’s plug and play enclosure. It was ideal for their large deployment, and dramatically reduced installation times. Future deployments of the enclosures depend on the continued success of the natural gas exploration.

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