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DAS Solutions

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) offer a technology agnostic solution for multiple operators simultaneously. One of the critical requirements for any in-building solution is to minimize the aesthetic impact on the venue.

Today, dedicated venue owners may struggle to ensure their patrons have a quality wireless experience while not deploying too much hardware in their buildings, which would hinder the aesthetic appeal. The best way to strike that balance is to offer a neutral solution to multiple operators providing a higher quality of experience without being unsightly for patrons.

Considerably smaller than traditional or cell tower counterparts, DAS systems are the better option for congested, high-volume locations. In addition to taking up less space than traditional cell towers, DAS networks tend to provide better network coverage. Finally, Wi-Fi cannot penetrate through buildings made of heavy-duty materials like steel and concrete, but DAS networks neutralize this problem with multiple antennas, making them the best and most viable option in buildings with thick walls and multiple levels.

DAS coverage is most beneficial to:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings

Although no two active DAS installations are the same, a typical deployment is driven by a direct connection to a radio base station, donor macrocell, or baseband unit. Often, multiple RF feeds are combined and then passed to a master distribution unit, which then feeds remote units via various media, including fiber, 50-ohm coax, or twisted pair.

Ventev offers a complete ecosystem of solutions for DAS systems, supporting everything from enterprise and public safety to warehouse connectivity. In addition, these solutions are compatible with most major access points (APs) and radios.

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Industry-leading Solutions for Challenges



Deploying DAS networks presents certain challenges, primarily coverage and capacity. Providing the proper frequencies for your network are crucial. Ideal for any DAS voice and data wireless network, Ventev DAS antennas have you covered with frequencies you need and the aesthetic appeal you want.

Indoor Omnidirectional Antenna

698-960/1710-2700 MHz 2/5 dBi high gain ceiling mount antenna.

Indoor Omnidirectional Ceiling Antenna

617-6000 MHz 5 dBi with N female connector.

Indoor DAS Omnidirectional Antenna

617-960/1700-2700/3300-4000 MHz 3/4/5 dBi low-profile ceiling tile antenna.

Yagi Public Safety Outdoor Antenna

746 896 MHz 11.2 dBi outdoor Yagi antenna with N female.



There’s more to any DAS network than just antennas, you need the proper connections to ensure 100 percent coverage and capacity for your network. Ventev’s complete ecosystem of DAS solutions provides the tappers, RF jumpers, and splitters needed to build a complete system.

340-4000, 5300-6000MHz, 5 dB

Low PIM tapper with N female connector.

340-4000, 5300-6000MHz, 10 dB

Low PIM tapper with N female connector.

6’ RG142P Jumper

Jumper with N-style male to N-style male connectors.

698-2700 MHz Two-Way High-Power Splitter with N Female Connector

Perfect for applications that require coverage of two different areas with a single access point or bridge.



Positioning your DAS antennas and APs properly provides the best coverage for your network. Without the correct mounts and brackets, your network could suffer from performance degradation in certain areas. Ventev has a wide variety of mounts and brackets that offer unprecedented flexibility for installations.

Universal Wi-Fi Articulating Mount

This rugged, aluminum mount has a sleek design and accommodates almost all types of low-profile antennas.

Antenna L-Bracket, Stainless Steel

Ideal for mounting antennas on flush surfaces.

I-Beam Antenna Mount

Low-profile design with minimal components makes installation on I-beams quick and easy.



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