Higher Education

Multiple Environments + High-Density Requirements

Colleges and universities often face many network design challenges, often made up of multiple environments while demanding high-performance network connectivity. With increasing numbers of connected devices and rising teacher and student expectations, delivering the required wireless communication network experience today is challenging.

Colleges and universities must support many different, highly dense areas, containing hundreds or even thousands of users simultaneously connecting to the network. These areas can include lecture halls, auditoriums, stadiums, or any large rooms that dense populations of students, faculty, or guests accessing your campus network.

The most important thing you can do to create a successful, campus-wide network is to start with a good ecosystem of products that power, protect, and connect your network – and that’s where Ventev gets an A+.

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Industry-leading Solutions for Challenges


: High densities of users in lecture halls, classrooms, and auditoriums

Higher education environments today are dense and diverse. Therefore, the wireless network must be designed for capacity to support everyone and everything. For example, large auditoriums are one of the most common high-density use cases. Sometimes they occur as a standalone space, as found in high schools or a corporate headquarters building. However, they are often found in university lecture hall buildings or school stadiums. Often, teaching and note-taking are involved, so visitors generally have multiple devices. Naturally, all these devices increase the required capacity that the network must support. Once your network is designed for capacity, you must build for coverage.

Smart classrooms, security, aesthetics, user mobility, and emergency alert systems are challenges for high-density environments where Ventev provides solutions.

case study

Georgia Tech Deploys High Density Wi-Fi in Lecture Halls with Aesthetically Pleasing Co-Locating Mounts

Challenge: Provide high-density, aesthetically pleasing Wi-Fi throughout large lecture halls.

Case Study

: Unsightly Network Equipment Disrupts Decor and is Subject to Tampering & Theft

Deploying high-performance wireless networks throughout higher education facilities' interior and exterior spaces without disrupting the aesthetics is a challenge all campuses face. Ventev offers an entire line of ready-to-deploy and ready-to-ship. These aesthetic solutions conceal, cover, or minimize the visual impact of wireless network infrastructure while protecting the valuable equipment that keeps networks running.

case study

Junction Box Wi-Fi Antenna Provides Aesthetically Pleasing, High Density Connectivity at University of Kentucky

Challenge: Deploy high-performance Wi-Fi throughout large classroom building without disrupting interior aesthetics.

Case Study

Many Universities Lack the Infrastructure to Power Outdoor Networks.

Power is a tough challenge to overcome when deploying networks outdoors. Ventev has worked with schools across the US to design power systems providing backup solutions, mains power through solar, and a power extender for intermittent power scenarios.

Ventev's compact, affordable power systems get outdoor networks up and running quickly using only limited AC power or no AC power at all.


Attracting Students to College Sporting Events Requires Competing with At-Home Big Screen TVs and Wi-Fi

Every year, technology makes the world feel a little bit smaller. It connects people while they are still very distant. For example, with current technology, almost every university game can be seen from the comfort of one's living room, and attendance at most sporting events is falling.

Ventev can help universities enhance game-day experiences by ensuring reliable, high-performance W-Fi for unique apps, reviewing digital replays, providing online concession ordering, and more.

case study

TerraWave Antennas Enable Wi-Fi / WLAN Connectivity in Front Sections of University of Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium

Challenge: Provide strong network connectivity throughout Memorial Stadium to relieve cellular congestion and support enhanced game day experience using Wi-Fi.

Case Study



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