Large Public Venues

Ventev Improves Fan Experience and Safety

Stadiums, museums, theaters are now competing with many other sources of entertainment that are usually within arm’s reach. As such, these large public venues are turning to technology to drive fan or visitor experience to improve attendance.

Large public venues are investing in mobile ordering, games, augmented reality, and line-busting software. All these technologies have one thing in common – they all require strong wireless infrastructure to work effectively. Ventev’s wireless solutions power, protect, and connect networks in large public venues enabling IT departments to deploy experience-enhancing technologies.

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Industry-leading Solutions for Challenges


Hiding wireless equipment in highly public spaces

Wireless equipment in stadiums and theaters must be concealed or enclosed to preserve the theme of the event, protect against damage, and keep event revelers safe. This can be a challenge with the lack of traditional mounting locations such as low ceilings and walls in many large public venues.

Ventev specializes in engineering aesthetically pleasing products to conceal and reduce the footprint of wireless equipment. Ventev manufactures handrail antennas and enclosures, under-seat enclosures, and small form factor antennas that ensure high-performance and functional aesthetics throughout large public venues.

Guardrail Antennas

Ventev’s flexible, adaptable Guardrail Antenna is the result of Ventev’s considerable experience meeting stadium Wi-Fi deployment challenges.

case study

Detroit’s Ford Field Upgrades Wi-Fi Performance and Aesthetics with Handrail Enclosure

Ventev’s engineering team worked with KLA to modify the Handrail Enclosure quickly to accommodate the newer 3800 series access points.

Case Study

Multiple devices and thousands of people

Cell phones and tablets proliferate all sporting and music events across the country. As event revelers turn to their pockets for highlights, stats, and concessions, network engineers work to ensure they can support this demand for bandwidth.

Ventev offers a range of high-density antennas, and enclosures that help place wireless equipment closer to the user to ensure optimum network performance.

2.4/5GHz 6 dBi Wi-Fi Directional (H:65/60/V:65/55) Antenna with 8 RPSMA Connectors

Ventev's 2.4/5 GHz 6 dBi High Density Dual-Polarized Directional Wi-Fi Antenna is designed to operate with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) access points.

UL50E Certified Wedge Enclosure

Ventev’s rugged, NEMA 3 rated UL50E Certified Wedge Enclosure protects wireless equipment such as access points from harsh weather, tampering and impact.

Slim Underseat Enclosure

Ventev's Slim Enclosure protects wireless equipment from harsh weather, tampering and theft.

case study

Detroit’s Ford Field Upgrades Wi-Fi Performance and Aesthetics with Handrail Enclosure

Challenge: Provide reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi to every seat in the stadium

Case Study



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