Power IT Up – Anywhere Network

Power IT Up – Anywhere Network

When planning a road trip, the preparation checklist is important: snacks to keep passengers happy before stopping for meals, navigation aids for unexpected detours, clothing to adjust for temperature differences at the destination, and so on. These items vary in importance, and all suit the purpose of ensuring that the trip goes smoothly and comfortably. Analogously, it’s essential to prepare a network for both expected and unexpected events to ensure that subscribers have coverage and the ability to meet the use cases and applications for a positive customer experience. Ensuring network elements are available to support power radios and APs (Access Points) so the network will function properly and reliably is a fundamental and critical piece of support. Fortunately, most network designs start off with ample power, but what options are available when deploying networks in remote locations and harsh environments where AC power is unavailable? That’s where Ventev’s Solar Power Systems comes in to enable and extend network connectivity for many years of autonomous service.


The technology to supply wireless connectivity is an easy concept to understand but historically more challenging to implement quickly and efficiently. The collective concepts are simple: the sun radiates energy that is captured by solar panels, the solar panels store energy in batteries, and the batteries supply power to network equipment. Simple enough concepts, but the solar panel size is based on the power drawn from the equipment. The equipment type and size depend on customer use cases and applications, and the deployment location relies on geographic latitude and longitude and the length of time the solar panels are in direct sunlight. Sorting all the technology issues between the solar power system and telecommunications system with traditional methods can take several days or up to a week for the final report.


Ventev addresses these challenges with 20-, 25-, 30-, 60-, and 90-Watt Solar Power Systems that are pre-wired and pre-assembled with POE device configurations for fast and easy on-site installation to provide reliable year-round performance. The preconfigured systems ensure the network has sufficient power in any weather, even when faced with multiple sunless days. No assembling, no waiting, and just an ultra-reliable power source for network connectivity all year long.

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