New Femto Patch Antenna From Ventev

The Femto Patch Antenna is a new, small form factor Wi-Fi directional antenna from Ventev. Measuring less than 3 ½ inches square, it’s the smallest, aesthetically pleasing, four-lead dual-band antenna in the market today!



Product Features

  • 6dBi gain that is consistent across the entire frequency band of operation.
  • Has dual-polarized, both vertical and horizontal, antennas.
  • Horizontal beamwidth: 80°/120°.
  • Vertical beamwidth: 80°/50°.
  • Available in different connector options for most major four-port access points.
  • Comes with Ventev’s medium strength articulating mount for precise positioning.
  • Has a rugged, UV-resistant radome (fully IP 54 compliant) that can be painted with non-metallic paint to help blend with the environment.
  • For outdoor and indoor use.

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