Higher Education Solutions

Colleges and universities present many network design challenges. They are often made up of multiple environments and all demand high-performance network connectivity. The following are some of the most common challenges and Ventev’s top solutions.

CHALLENGE: High densities of users in lecture halls, classrooms, and auditoriums.

SOLUTIONS: High Density areas require RF strategies to limit the number of users per access point and reduce interference. Ventev can help with a portfolio of high-density antennas, and under seat enclosures to bring Wi-Fi close to the users.

CHALLENGE: Many universities lack the infrastructure to power networks in remote areas.

SOLUTIONS: Ventev's compact, affordable power systems get outdoor networks up and running quickly using only limited AC power, or no AC power at all.

CHALLENGE: Attracting students to college sporting events requires competing with at-home big screen TVs and Wi-Fi.

SOLUTIONS: Ventev can help universities enhance game day experiences by ensuring reliable, high-performance W-Fi for special apps, reviewing digital replays, providing online concession ordering and more.